10. Expert Witness. (October 2015)

10. Expert Witness. (October 2015)
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Our experiences employing an Expert Witness (Boundary Surveyor) were not a very nice experience as we dismissed our first boundary surveyor as our Expert Witness due to his extravagant costs, which I must say in his defence he advised us on prior to him being employed as our Expert Witness.

Our second chose boundary surveyor after we asked him to confirm that he had previous Expert Witness experience gave us a reasonable cost for the initial Expert Witness report required and we employed him.

Once both Expert Witness reports had been exchanged and the dispute had been given a Tribunal Court date our Expert Witness costs increased dramatically with his unnecessary activities and to be frank extortionate costs.

This over charging dispute is ongoing and due to go to the Small Claims court.

The Expert undertakes a careful analysis of all documents including deeds and deed plans, Land Registry documents, historical photos and aerial images. This is normally followed by a site inspection to take measurements and assess the physical boundary features.

An expert will assess all this evidence and weigh up what are the strongest or most reliable parts of the evidence and then answer the questions they have been asked by the client or instructing solicitor.  These normally relate to the position of the boundary, but could also include, plotting particular points and assessing the condition of the ground surface and drainage issues that may have been created.  As valuers, it is also out task to assess issues relating to loss of freehold value, annual losses and the costs to put the problem right.

An expert would normally prepare an expert report to summarise the findings.

This post is one of thirteen posts that are listed in a menu on my Home Page to cover all the required actions and documents that are required to resolve Boundary Disputes.

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