This is not a rant against the BBC TV but the extravagant and unnecessary issues I see and I surmise many more like me see. The BBC in general is an iconic jewel in the murky world of the media and since Murdoch and his tribe have now got their tentacles worldwide the BBC is an absolute must to stem this toxic tide.

That said I would now point out my gripes I see with the BBC TV and I now see it more clearly as I am well into my retirement.

  1. Carol Kirkwood the weather girl (woman), why o why does the BBC have Carol on ever more occasions present the weather from external locations with the additional cost of the TV Crew,
  2. Hotels, Meals and not to forget Carols extensive well fitting and so pronounced wardrobe.

Just present it from the studio and maybe use a loose fitting blouse now and again.

OTT presenters

One of the main purposes of this site is to pass any of our layman’s advise and experience we have had over the last 4 years on to anyone who is having issues with their Boundary Disputes.

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