11. Trial Bundle Documents. (January 2016)

11. Trial Bundle Documents. (January 2016)
How to Create a Trial Bundle for a Tribunal Contact

Hearing Bundles
(1) The parties must cooperate in the preparation of a bundle of documents for the use of the Tribunal and the parties at the hearing
(2) Only relevant documents should be included. It is wasteful for unnecessary documents to be put in the bundle. The parties are
required to be sensible and practical about what documents are required.
(3) Generally the Trial Bundle should contain clear legible.copies of:
(a) The statements of case served by each of the parties;
(b) Witness statements served by each of the parties;
(c) Documents attached to or referred to in the statements of case or witness statements; and
(d) Any other relevant documents served by a party.
(4) The Hearing Bundle should be:-
(a) in a ring binder;
(b) with documents in date order or some other sensible and appropriate order; and
(c) with each sheet separately numbered clearly in black ink in the bottom right hand corner.
(5) An index of key documents placed at or near the front of the Trial Bundle is often helpful to enable key documents to be accessed quickly.
(6) Responsibility for the preparation of the trial Bundle shall rest with the Applicant.
(7) At least 28 days before to the hearing date the Respondent shall notify the Applicant what documents they require in the Trial Bundle.
(8) The Applicant shall then add the documents which that party wishes to be
included, avoiding any unnecessary duplication.
(9) Docurnents which have not previously been disclosed to the other party/ies shall not be included.
(10) At least 14 days prior to the hearing date the Applicant shall deliver one copy of the Trial Bundle to each of the other parties (free of charge) and one copy to the Tribunal.
(11) The Applicant shall bring an extra copy to the hearing for the use of witnesses.
(12) lt the parties are unable to agree the contents of the Trial Bundle the Applicant shall include all of the documents notified by the opposite party with a note stating what documents are objected to and a brief explanation why. At the hearing the Tribunal will determine what documents should or should not be included.

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